About Us

who we are !

Xpose Images was established as an event photographer back in 1997 by Mr. Kong How. Since then, the business has grown rapidly. To date we have 14 highly skilled professional talents (staff) in our organization.


In 2005, our business and service expanded which include digital retouching service and subsequently, in year 2006 we also provide digital illustration service.


In 2007, we began photographing products for the furniture industry. From then on, we continue to equip our business and our staff with competent personnel, facilities, space, technical know-how and experience to gain good reputation in photographing for the furniture industry.


Aware of the importance of studio space in accommodating the needs of our clients, we have acquired and moved into a new premise in 2008. The premise with a built-up area of over 3,000 square foot, houses 2 of our existing studio. Recently, we further acquired 2 premises, which will add additional 7,000 square foot of studio space for our clients.


In 2009, in order to create photo-like realism, we have adopted the 3-dimensional rendering technique.


In 2014, Dinasou Group Sdn Bhd built and prepared the online system for Dinasou.com.


In 2015, Moved into new and bigger building to give better space for both Dinasou.com and Xpose Images, and on 16 August Dinasou.com was launched with the opening of its new premises.

Photography Studio

in Kuala Lumpur


A total studio floor space of approximately 22,000 square foot comprise:
* 3-storey semi-detached Factory Studio (8,000 square foot)

  • Main studio (4,000 square foot)
  • Sub-studio (2,000 square foot) equips with make-up room
  • Corner-lot studio (2,000 square foot)
  • Training Hall (2,000 square foot)
  • Office & Lounge (8,000 square foot)
  • Warehouse (2,000 square foot)
  • Car Park (2,000 square foot)


We also have approximately 1,000 square foot space available for storage. Our studio is protected by access-card system, alarm system and closed circuit television (CCTV) system.

10 Reasons to Hire Us!

  • To achieve the highest standard of photographic work, we have 3 spacious studios measuring over 8,000 sq ft, fully equipped with lighting control and a digital imaging division

  • With our 3 teams of talented photographers, we could undertake concurrent photo shooting at various locations at a time convenient to you and ensure timely delivery of our work.

  • We have among the most advanced digital camera with ultra-high resolution for superb image quality.

  • Our one-stop service for commercial photo shooting and digital retouching delivers the best final results in the fastest time.

  • We are capable of designing and arranging various shooting sets in our studios or even illustrating the sets on digital image.

  • Our experienced digital imaging team and in-house stylist could create the digital image or search for any kind of product props for the shooting set.

  • In demonstrating our commitment in developing a high professional standard of commercial photography, we have our own existing set of model gardens, kitchen and bathroom ready for photo shooting

  • We guarantee your satisfaction of our services which includes professional advice at a reasonable price

  • Customer service is our priority as we serve our customers with sincerity and passion. Our talented and experienced teams are always available to be at your service.

  • We are a professional, organized and disciplined firm, capable to effectively plan, execute and deliver your desired results.

5 STAR Value Innovation Tools

  • Image Enhancement
    – Our service includes photography, Photo Retouching & 3D Imaging to enhance image quality.

  • Cutting Edge Equipment
    – Our cutting edge equipment shortens production time & yet achieve better image quality.

  • Studio in the App.
    – We use cloud storage which is secure & has unlimited file storage. Stored file is retrievable by clients at their convenient.

  • Spacious Studio @ No cost
    – 8,000sq.ft. space with no rental charge to our client.

  • 2-Level Pricing
    – Our 2-level price range to meet client budget.